Since 2005, RADA members have worked tirelessly,to provide learning resources to Ethiopia’s Tembien Region. Through member donations, the organization completed a 9,000-square-foot learning center in Abi Adi Tembien in the summer of 2013. The facility serves students who are ages 13 through adulthood and have never had access to secondary education. The learning center is open seven days a week to accommodate the small-farmers and agricultural workers living in the immediate area.

In the Fall of 2015, RADA broke ground in Meteka, Tembien, to build a secondary school for students ages of 13 to 18. This is an impoverished community in Ethiopia with little access to any type of educational facilities beyond primary school education. This project’s completion is anticipated for 2018.

These facilities will provide learning resources for hundreds of children and adults. They are safe and quiet places to study and promote the importance of learning and community engagement. Most importantly, they are centers of invaluable access to fundamental education.