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Planned gifts

We invite people to make a thoughtful commitment to ensuring a brighter future for Ethiopia’s Tembien Region. There are many ways to do this, and we would love to help you discover how easy this can be. As you make long-term financial plans with your family, including your estate plans, please consider RADA. You will be making a lasting impression on future generations, who will be guaranteed the lifelong benefits of education.

Please contact us to discuss the many ways you can make a difference.

Matching gifts

Matching Gifts are a great way to make your contribution go even further. Does your company participate in a matching gift program? If so, we can help you complete the necessary forms to enroll. If your company has a charitable foundation, please let us know if Ras Alula Development Association may be eligible to apply for funding.

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By working together, we can equip and empower residents of Ethiopia’s Tembien Region to meet the challenges they face effectively.

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